Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas is coming

This past weekend I spent finishing up some loose ends on the house. I finished painting all of the base boards in the kitchen, which allows me to say that the kitchen is finished. Everything we had planned on doing to the kitchen is done. Also this weekend, we bought a Christmas tree, put it up, and decorated it. Our house is finally feeling like a house. Here are some pictures of our living room:

As always there is a little touch to do here and there around the house, but we extremely close to being finished. I am loving it, because now with not having to work on the house all of time, Colton and I get to play all night.
I have been getting a lot of request lately for just a family picture, so for all of you that don't get to see us a lot:

I am so eager to have a house warming party, but Heather keeps setting me straight with everything else that is going on right now, so we will be putting the party off until the new year comes around. This will give us time to actually decorate, hang up some window coverings, and any other odds and ends that need to be done. So I will try and keep you updated with what is going on.