Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas Break

Since the house is finally in working order and does not need our immediate attention, over the holidays there was minimal work on the house, but we did fill our time with lots of playing. Super heroes was the game of choice, which consists of Colton telling us what super hero we are and where we need to go to save the city. There was also a lot of play where I was the bad guy, which consisted of Colton beating me up, tying my up, and in the end Colton saving the world. Colton now has just about every Superman toy ever made. You would think that having so many Supermans that he would not be able to play with them all, but Colton is very talented and manages to make sure that no Superman is left out. Over this winter break Colton and I had the privileged to experience skiing. Colton made me so proud. The first part of the day, was a little slow going, but once he figured out the basics, the only frustrating part to Colton was when I touched him. He picked up skiing better than anyone else that was trying that day. The were two older people that by the end of the day had taken off their skis and were walking down the mountain. Colton, on the other hand, was skiing all the way to the bottom without falling. Some quotes from Colton, "This is the best day ever," "This is so much fun," "Quit touching me," "I can't wait to go skiing again," and the quote that I will cherish forever, "You are such a great Dad." If you have ever spent more than 10 seconds with Colton, you will truly know who Superman really is. Colton is still asking to go skiing again, so shortly we will be venturing out again to experience it some more. Here are some pictures from our trip: