Thursday, September 28, 2006

Picking out the Tile

We have actually picked out and purchased our tile. I will add a little plug for carpet exchange, because they gave us an awesome deal. Their selection was also much better than anywhere else that we looked. I tried doing a search online so I could show everyone what we bought, but I was unable to find it. The name of it is Puebla Jaspe Noce, so you can try and look on your own if you so wish. I pick up the tile today, so I will try and take a picture of it so everyone can see. I will be setting the tile tomorrow (Friday) so after this weekend there will be pictures of our tiled kitchen. Superman will be helping me as usual so things should go smoothly, although Superman has taught us a valuable lesson in that our new toilet is not big enough to flush apples. I believe he might have tried to put it in the toilet to save it for later, but again teaches us a lesson in that Liquid Plumber will not desolve an apple over night. So tonight, after pushing an apple through our toilet with a snake (probably a Boa), I will be laying our hardibacker sub-floor and starting on laying out our new tile.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Living without a kitchen isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The only hard part is not having a stove, oven, convenient refrigerator, or a kitchen table. Well, actually we do have a kitchen table; it is more not having comfortable chairs, but obviously Colton doesn't seem to mind:

The table you see in this picture is not even there anymore. This past weekend I was able to completely remove all of the tile and the crappy ply wood the people laid as a subfloor. It was a long process, and was harder than I thought, but it already looks nicer:

My project for this week is to get our new tile floor laid back down. I will be laying everything out this week, and on Friday (Superman's Birthday) I will be setting the tiles. I don't have a picture of it the bathroom is completely done. Colton's room is also completely done, other than his closet doors. That is all I have time for right now, so give a call if you want more of an update. Peace out.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Since we have so many people wondering how our house is going I figured we should start a blog so people can see what we have been doing. This will probably be a temperary thing, as I plan to have my own server at our that I will get up and running as soon as our house is under some sort of order. The start of blog comes a little late, but I am sure I can catch everyone up, and if I don't, then I will also probably be making a DVD of our remodel, which will go on sale for only $15.99. This first blog here is just to let you all know that we have started one and you can check up on it to see what sort of destruction we have done to our house. Check back soon, and we should have some pictures of what we have done.

Just so you know what we are into now, I will be finishing the bathroom and Colton's room tonight (Sept 21). Finishing these two rooms will not take long so I will also be painting the kitchen ceiling and ripping up the current tile. You say that I probably won't be able to do all that tonight, but when I have superman on my side, anything is possible. Stay tuned for more.