Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Crazy People's Household is right

Is there ever down time? I can't even imagine what it will be like when Abigail comes. At least Heather will have some time off of her crazy work place. What has been going on:

Colton, where do I begin? He is growing up so fast and learning so much. People always say they are little sponges and those people are so right. He learns so much every day, and he has such a good memory. He is doing so well in Tae-Kwon-Do. I missed it, but a couple of weeks ago he was able to break a board for his first time. Heather was there and she said she almost broke into tears with joy and excitement. She said Colton threw is little hands in the air and was so proud of himself. He is currently trying to test for his next level which I believe is high white belt. Baseball is also starting up soon. I am going to be his coach again. This year we are in Machine Pitch, so it should be interesting. I will post up some pictures of him as soon as I take some. I still have to get some pictures of him at karate, so once I get them I will share with you all.

The house is pretty much at a stand still. It is about 99% complete, and it will probably stay that way. There are really just some odds and ends to do. Now that I am done with the majority of the interior, maybe Heather will allow me to do some work on our garage. The bar top still needs to be refinished too.

Heather's back is getting better. Thank you all for your prayers. Poor Heather has been ordered to get massages. She goes once a week for about an hour. I guess it gets me off the hook for a little while.

That is all that is really going on as we wait for Abigail to come around.

A final note of "PRAISE GOD." We finally have a settlement agreement between us and Colton's biological father. I express how relieved we are that we can finally move on. I could on for hours about how it was like pulling teeth without any numbing medicine, but for now I will thank God that we got some papers signed.

We also want to send out another welcome to Nash Jacob Adams. He was born on April 3rd at 7:09 PM. He weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz. and was 19 inches long. His parents, Lauren and Travis have started creating a blog, so once it is up and running I will post up the link. For now you can enjoy a picture of him:

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