Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've Created a Disaster

So, at least I can say I have tried. I still haven't quit, but the bar top is not going very smoothly. I tried putting a top coat of concrete to make it look nice and it ended up cracking all over the place. I have since removed it and put it on hold until after the carpet is installed. I figured I will wait until the base layer has fully cured, then I will try again. I have a couple more ideas and if all else fails, I will tile it. We get our carpet this Friday (Feb 29th). I can't wait to have something down there that I actually feel comfortable laying on. It will be nice. I will then just have to cover the carpet with a good layer of plastic when I try to re-coat the concrete. I have a good feeling that it will work this time. We will see.

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