Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Paint Done. Concrete Form Done.

So all the carpet is out of the basement and the walls are painted. If you have never used a airless paint sprayer, really ask people how to do it before you do. First off, the first one I rented broke down. I had to take it back and get their other one. Then as I was painting, all I could see was white. I had no idea how thick the paint was going on so I just continued to spray. Well most of the paint was alright, but some of the paint ran because I was spraying it so thick. It really turned out nice and since it is only the basement, I wasn't so picky. What I am more excited about is the concrete bar top that I am doing. I have it all framed out and this next weekend I will be pouring the concrete. Below is a picture of me after I was done painting and a picture of my concrete forms. The family is doing really good. Colton is doing well in school. He told us the other day that he got to put his name on the board because he was reading so well! Heather and I are so proud of him. He loves taking pictures so below is some of his photography. Spiderman is blurry because he is "so fast." Colton is also in Karate. He has been enjoying it, but right now we are trying to get over that hump of "it's getting hard so I want to quit." I think it will be so good for him in the long run. We are also trying to get him into some piano lessons, but so far I have been unsuccessful to find the right teacher for him. Emotions and craziness is high around the house right now, so once things calm down a little bit, he will begin piano lessons.
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(Trust me I am not that dumb. This is a Joke)


Florida Nana said...

Did you get any paint on the wall?
Is the joke the Hillary sticker?, because that is a pretty good joke;)
Looking good. Keep it up!
Love each other.

Chelsea said...

Great work.