Friday, May 02, 2008

Biggest Heart Ever.

So, most of you know Colton and you know how big of a heart he really has. On Wednesday I went to pick Colton up from his bio-dad's apartment. Colton usually just moseys his way out of the apartment, taking his grand 'ol time. Well, this past Wednesday, Colton comes out of the apartment and comes up to me almost running. As he approaches me he has worried look on his face and he asks, "Dad, is Ace at our house?"
I replied, "No goof ball, he is right inside the truck."
Colton then had look of relief on his face. Colton then said, "I made Ace some missing dog signs that we can hang up."
I asked, "Why would we do that?"
Colton answered, "Because Ace was at my school yesterday and he was lost. Lex and I was trying to yell at him and get him to come to me, but Ms. S (the recess teacher) told us to stay away from him. So, I was worried that Ace was lost and the dog catcher would get him, so I made him some signs."

To back track a little, about a month ago I got a phone call from a teacher at Colton's school, who had Ace, who had jumped our 6 foot privacy fence and ran to Colton's school (about 3/4 of a mile from our house). When Heather had come home on Tuesday from the doctor she notices Ace was gone. She then heard him bark outside and notice our neighbor letting him out of their gate across the street. She went outside and Andy (our friendly neighbor across the street) said he noticed Ace running back and forth in our front yard trying to get back into the back yard. Andy told Heather he went over and got him and gave him some water.

Our dog is CRAZY! So, on Tuesday he had jumped our 6 foot fence again, ran to Colton's school, said hi to Colton, ran back to our house, got invited into our neighbors house, had some water, then finally came home when Heather got home.

I scanned in one of the pictures that Colton had drawn. This boy is amazing:


Anonymous said...

For those of us that do know Colton or Ace...Colton has a HUGE heart and Ace is CRAZY!!!!

Fowler family said...

Oh this is precious! Love the lost dog sign! Ace must really love Colton to want to follow him to school! Now that is devotion!

Anne said...

Peter - This kind of reminds me of you and Toots. You and Colton have one more thing in common. This is toooo cute! I love it!