Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Colton's Field Day

With Abigail coming at the right time I was able to go to Colton's Field day since I took the whole week off. Colton did awesome. He loves to play games, so field day is like Heaven to him. Rather than me tell you all about it, I will let the pictures do the talking:

Colton and his good buddy Griffin
Colton playing cup stack (or just holding the cups)
Colton's version of the limbo
Colton doing an obsticle course
Again with the obsticle course
Colton long jumping (I think he broke the world record)This was pick up a bunch of stuff and run as fast as you can
This is Colton and his girlfriend Kyla (Her name is tough to spell, pronounce with a long i)
Colton doing his best at tug-of-war
Colton doing what he does best...Dancing
Now a day's they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings so they only hand out one ribbon at the end of the day. Colton still had a blast and has already told us that he can't wait for his 2nd grade field day.

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Holly said...

Colton is getting so big. I bet he seems even bigger now that Abby is born. Thanks for sharing....His girlfriend is cute :)